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CV-1: General Purpose CV Builder

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Comprehensive CV creator including CV builder, templates, help & tips

In today’s competitive and fast-moving job market, you only have 30 seconds to impress the employer with your CV, so give yourself the best chance of securing the interview. By following a few simple rules, you can make sure your CV works for you right from the start and maximise your chances to stand out from the other applicants. Start now

To make the most of any job opportunity your CV should be:

• Correctly structured, clearly representing your work history, skills and experience.
• Using the document format expected by employers, agencies and personnel departments.
• Sent with an effective and meaningful covering letter.
• Readily available for job applications and interviews including those at short notice or by telephone.
• Compatible with the major online job boards as well as email and print friendly.
• Detail your capabilities and strengths in a positive way to make a good impression.
• Free of spelling and grammar mistakes.

With the cvwriting.net CV builder, writing your CV has never been easier. You can create the perfect CV in all the popular recruitment formats plus it will be stored securely for future use, allowing you to simply update your details as your career progresses. Start now

cvwriting.net will help you:

• Get interviews by effectively communicating your skills, experience and abilities.
• Save you valuable time by making it easy to build and manage your CV anywhere that has an internet connection, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
• Write your CV, providing CV writing tips, help, examples, advice and professional CV templates.
• Quickly establish the information you need to include in each section by using the step by step help guides.
• Write successful cover letters with easy to use pre-formatted templates.
• Make sure your CV is free of spelling and grammar mistakes.
• Apply for jobs instantly in the format all recruitment agencies, personnel departments and employers expect to see.
• Keep your CV ready and up to date. Never have to start all over again.
• Help you to write a confident and positive CV including the keywords, power verbs and phrases that will get you noticed.
• Print, upload or e-mail as applications require.
• Give you more time to focus on the content with quick and easy to use forms, step by step help, examples, online spelling correction, effective template and preview so you can be sure your CV is perfect for any opportunity.

Get ahead of the rest. cvwriting.net is a fully featured online CV builder & template that will provide all the advice, tips and help you need for the preparation of your CV. Instantly download or email directly (ideal for iPad, Nexus, Surface, Kindle fire or any tablet user) in Microsoft Word, PDF and HTML documents. Examples of speculative, standard and email cover letters plus templates can be included.


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