This is the nichest village in Bangladesh

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A Tea Stall

A tea stall is a small shop where ready tea is served to the customers. It mainly sits at Railway or Bus station. Besides, It is found at bazers, a factory or a launch ghat. A tea stall is not well furnished. A tea stall is of great importance to passers-by, day laborers, workers, official and political leaders. Tea is a popular drink. It refreshes body and mind together. There is an oven, a pan of milk to prepare tea and decorated with simple chairs, tables and benches. Hot tea, biscuits, bread, banana, betel leaf (পান), cigarettes are sold there. However, a tea stall opens early in the morning and closed at late night. There is a boy to serve tea to the customers and a manager who sits behind the cash box and receives money from the customers. While taking tea the customers discuss familial, political, economic and social affairs (ঘটনা). As they discuss political affairs very much like our national parliament (জাতীয় সংসদ) staying at a tea stall, it is called a mini Sangsad. After taking tea, they quarrel (ঝগড়া) with each other about their saying things. Always it looks like crowded and noisy. In fact, a tea stall is a favorite option to all kinds of people.


A Tea Stall

Tea is as sweet as idle gossip and as adhesive as the prattle of folk politics. A tea stall, as such, is a place of immense public interest. It is, as it were, the parliament of the common public. In the by gone days, people gathered in a tea stall in the morning and in the evening, especially in the winter. Now, what summer, what winter, the tea stall attracts almost everybody in all seasons alike. Sometimes storms blow in a tea-pot, sometimes the stall becomes overcrowded with people bored with daily chores, seeking leisure in the soceal get-together. Therefore, there is no denying that tea drunk at home is different from or inferior to , as some might opine tea drunk in a tea stall, the latter being the tea spiced with an exceptional taste. The price of the tea drink in a tea stall may not be different from that drunk at home, but the value is.

A Sun -Set Scene

A sun-set scene is a regular phenomenon of our daily life, but it becomes exceptionally enjoyably during a cool, calm evening. The beauty of the sun-set scene also depends on the surrounding, sitting or standing in which the beholder enjoys it. It is perhaps most enjoyable when seen from the bank of a river or a sea, the scene seems to be a miraculous one. As the sun descends down the horizon, showering the last reddish over the green quivering leaves of trees and plants, nature becomes clad with a heavenly garment of lively color  Patches of clouds, vermilion by the rainbow of colors  like pieces of diamond. In such an atmosphere the mind finds it easier to settle into spiritual devotion.



A Moonlit Night

A moonlit night is a remarkable occasion for a beauty seeker who has an aesthetic thiest for poetic feeling. In a moonlit night, nature looks as though it were a dreamland full of life but painted on a coloured canvas. Things, as a whole, seem to be a living poem harmoniously unifying a huge variety of subgects. The moon, as it drifts along in the sky, darts its romantic look at the earth, tinging it with a vavcious glow of spiced colouf. The night is calm. Seen from a high place, the flora together with the edging waterline or river, look as if they were resting peacefully. All this catches the imagination, that is why it arouses some imagination. The deemly glowing pieces of flocculent clouds fixed to the ceiling of the sky snstches the mind away. Such a night is worth enjoying foregoing the opportunity of sleep.


Traffic Jam

Traffic jam is not an uncommon phenomenon our country, especially in the Dhaka city. Traffic jam, by definition, is the huddling up of too many vehicles in a specific place of a highway or in a street, with the result that the vehicles clog up , so to say, and cannot move ahead. This crests a great problem. People who are busy on urgent business miss their timetable. In the morning, for example, many people fail to attend their workplaces in time. The transportation of goods get delayed. Perhaps the worst consequence is duffers by patients being carried to hospitals or clinics. The mental and physical sufferings, too, are no less important. Rickshaw pullers and baby-taxi drivers, who usually live from hand to mouth, undergo a great suffering for the loss of their time. Again, not that only the street conditions and rule-violating behavior of drivers cause it. Above all, we do not want to suffer so much.



Kitchen Garden

A garden is a place where flowers are grown. A kitchen garden is a place where different types of vegetables are grown. Usually a kitchen garden is situated by the side of a kitchen. A fence is made round the kitchen garden so that cattle and other animals can not spoil the plants. My kitchen garden is situated near the kitchen. I spend a lot of time there. I usually spend my leisure period there. I sow vegetables seeds, take care of plants and spread insecticides and manures and so on.

I cultivate pumkin, guard, pepper, brinjal, cabbage, cauliflowers and other vegetables there. I grow seasonal vegetables there. The vegetables do a lot of help to my family. They meet the need of our family. Sometimes, i sell some of the vegetables in the market and make money. The kitchen garden gives me a lot of pleasure and enjoyment. Whenever i in to the kitchen garden, i forgot the sorrows and sufferings. Above all, the kitchen garden saves a lot of money.





In the modern times there is hardly any person who has not heard of or seen a television set. So, it is not very import to define it, nor is it necessary to describe how it functions. This strange invention of science is now-a-days the most widely used media of communication of propaganda. Not only that, it is a part and parcel of our daily life as it is inseparably limked with recrearion. It broadcasts dramas, movies, aducational programmes, commedy series, documentaries, and other attractive packages. It buils consciousness among people  about the current affairs of the country as well as the world. That is about the satellite TV which has caught on at present. Unquestionably, it has done much good to us by exposing us to the culters of various societies. But still it is contended that much of the preaching and cultural attack is very harmful to our society.




The Postman

The postman is a very important person in our society, though he does not enjoy a good social status. He is very close to the community in which he lives. His daily life is full of work. He gets up very early in the morning and starts his work sorting out letters, money orders, parcels etc. According to their place of destination or as he thinks convenient. The sorting activity over, he then puts on his uniform and sets out on his daily round to distribute the letters, parcels etc, to the right addresses. During the course of his distribution activity, however, he also collects out outgoing letters or percels or money orders, in the afternoon, he again starts sorting out outgoing letters or parcels or money orders. In the course of his professional duty, he builds up familiar social relationships with people, which is why he is a very popular figure in his locality.

My College Common Room

Man is a social being. He lives in a society where he has to interact with other people. The notion of society where he has to interact with other people. The notion of society is so much instilled in human mind that people behave as if they were in a society even when they are grouped in a company or any other instituions. A college common room is, as it were, a full-fledged society within the campus. It has some chairs and tables, tables, table tennis instruments, carrom boards, and other essentioal things. Recently a television set has been bought. There are facilities for all famous dailies and weeklies. Sometimes we gossip, sometimes we enjoying newspapers or magazines or the TV. Fortunately, however, any political discussion is prohibited in our common room, which, undoubtedly, ensures a peaceful environment and a friendly atmosphere in the common room.

My Neighbors

Birds of the same feather flock together-goes the saying. This adage hokiest true in connection with man’s living habit in most of the cases. But the neighborhood of mine, at least, is an exception. I live in the midst of a variety of peoples arriving from various cultures and social classes. To begin with, my father is a government official, having a mediocre financial ability. Next to our door lives a family most of the members of which are artist. The family behind our home is well known as a political family. Again, the family living on the left side of our house is a well-to-do business family. On the right, however, lives a writer. Amidst all of them we are happy indeed. We are on good social terms with almost all of them. Often we meet together in social functions and family ceremonies. Now I believe I am a product of my neighborhood.

My College

After long ten years of schooling, a life of confinement and limited liberty with somewhat suffocating experience of strict parental administration, when I stepped into the college life, it seemed as if I were promoted to a new realm of life. Gradually I began to get exposed to functions, new friends, social get-togethers, cultural functions, new curricula, and above all, new feelings. Thus I began to feel a sense of belonging to my own college. My college, I am convinced, has added identity. Now not only I do not go to college regularly , but  also get involved in, a part from the academic activities, various extracurricular activities including social works. It is due to the contribution of my college that I have gained socio political consciousness as well as new insights. My college, including our common room, teachers, classmates, playground, the whole campus, is very dear to me.

A Railway Platform

The word is a transient rest-house in which we all are strangers, This is perhaps best analogized by a railway platform, which is characterized by short-lived sojourn of people coming in and going out. The platform may be a special cynosure of social scientists of social psychologists because of its peculiar atmosphere doe to the co-existence of people of different cultures and temperaments, but it is no less attractive to a curious mind interested in human interactions. Every moment, the railway platform, which is typically a vast place protected by a high hanging brick-built roof, bubbles over with people of all kinds rich, poor, Impoverished and goods. They being strangers to one another, people behave strangely, while sometimes they do not behave at all. They are a crowd of people having different destinations. That is why one, once in that place, feels utterly lonely among those nameless crowds. Most of the time the bad feeling is aggravated by the nasty and unhygienic environment. Now a days, however, pick pockets are a big threat for passengers.

A Winter Morning

The morning shows the day perhaps this saying is most appropriate in connection with a winter morning which, almost invariantly, is enwrapped in fog and smog, deterring sunshine so as to make one feel as darkness. The morning, thought of figuratively, can be described as the womb of the short lived cool day that will follow. A walk in such a morning gives an uncanny feeling of exotic pleasure-pleasure felt form outside the body. Eyesight fails any distance. The sun, as a result, if seen at all, is seen to be very effortful peeping through the heavenly curtain of smog. People and children, particularly those living in the villagers, rush around in search of a “slice” of sunshine, which they consider sweeter than honey. Some lazy fellows, however, ruminate the remnants of their last-night’s dreams enwrapping themselves obstinately in blankets. As far as I am concerned, a winter morning is unnecessarily too long.

A Rainy Day

Torrential rains every now and then with invigoration coolness and rhythmic sounds, damp streets, fields, and houses, lively leaves and buds of trees and plants these are some of the enchanting characteristics of a rainy day. To save the flora and fauna of nature  from the scorching heat of summer, rains come down on earth with a refreshing touch. Nature, so long suffocated by heat and vapidity, gets rejuvenated. These, however, are the aesthetic aspects of the feeling one has in such a day. A rainy day, on the other hand, is no less a nuisance, if considered from a social and economic point of view. People, for example, do not feel much excited and secured when, due to incessant rain and consequent inundation of localities; they not only cannot go out to work. Such a day, consequently, creates a mixed reaction in people’s minds. But when, it is beyond doubt, the aftermath of the rains is neither flood nor water logging, and it does not cause any financial tension, then the day becomes a unique time of enjoyment indeed.


Physical Exercise

Physical exercise means the deliberate movement of various parts of the body in a systematic way to help the body function properly. It, taken regularly and according to rule, helps and blood circulation work naturally and well, prevents many fatal diseases which, once having attacked by, is difficult to get cured, gives the exercise-taker mental briskness and work stamina, and, as is widely believe, ensures longevity. It is of verious forms, each suiting specific purpose, sometimes specific age, and season. Walking, jogging, swimming, weight-lifting-these are some popular forms of exercise. In fact, all types of games, played regularly, serve as best forms of exercise, Exercise should be taken by people of all ages, by both men and women. There is, so to say, life in it, if not livelihood.



My Childhood

My childhood, like everybody’s, is full of events worth remembering. It is the pillar-stone on which stands my hole being-imagination, memory, fancy, and the historical foundation of the self. Childhood- be it pleasurable or sorrowful is always very attractive, as though, an addiction. And the one with a rich memory is more attractive. Consequently, I, who have lost my parents, love and affection, and the carefree life in my very childhood, feel an inevitable nostagia when I think about it. Standing on the threshold of the alien world of adulthood, when I look back through my puerile imagination at my by gone days, I feel through thinking, and think through feeeling, my eyes filled with tears. Oh, how nice those days where! A wholeness of freedom within a limit, the carefree pastime with brothers and sisters and parents and nature and pets, sensing the pleasure of live and affection. Sometimes, now, I cannot but wonder why ever I head to lose that childhood. But alas, nature works her won way.


Teenage Leaders of Tomorrow

There are galore organizations around municipality that bed usurped on the commencement of doing field ethnic run business. This headroom Y&I is presenting 1° Commencement, a level for offspring, vigorous voltage body who requirement to inform and make the juvenile of Dhaka and put them on the flight towards youth-led usage. Judgment a faithful administration that is consenting to put a lot of labor into helping early and needy grouping Bangladesh, is demanding. 1° Opening is a non-profit methodicalness that aims to eliminate a disagreement in the lives of small group in Bangladesh. It operates independently of any churchly, governmental or advert affiliations. The members of this methodicalness are overzealous most what they do and are fascinated in making a modification to this land. Their passionateness is near contaminating as they motivate and stimulate others to develop their conduce.
The epithet ‘1° Initiative’ runs along with their motto ‘small change’. A 1° replace is a pocketable replace yet it is determining to those who penury it. “All it takes is that 1° of a occurrence to travel ice into irrigate, that 1° of a occurrence to change a mind”, says members of the orderliness. The signification of their identify parallels with the significance of the alter they are and have initiated.
“It all begins with a assay. The probability of insolvency, the danger of unpredictability, the risk of swing things in people’s safekeeping – especially when it comes to those animal grouping beneath 25. For us, it was never a danger. It was belief, a vision, a splendid concept. It began with an melody, evolved into an activity and now receives symbol as a brand”, says Sabhanaz Rashid Diya, miscarry, statesman secretary and authority.
The taradiddle of how the opening started dates way rearmost to June 2006. Let’s let Sabhanaz Rashid Diya of 1° Beginning group assert the taradiddle

Beautiful Bangladesh

The country where I live in is Bangladesh. It’s a small but density populated country. About 135 million of people live within its 147570 square kilometers area. It got its independence from Pakistani rule in 1971 through a blood-shed liberation war of nine month. I love my motherland not only because I born and brought up here but, because it its evergreen nature, beauties six season, it’s flowing rivers, its verities of birds and so on.

My motherland is gifted with very fertile soil. Its fertility is maintained as rivers carry alluvium to them. So, plenty of rice, jute, sugarcane, potato, tobacco, pulse, oil, seed, vegetable, spices, tea, etc are grown here. Our seasonal fruits like is mango, jack fruit, litchi, guava, black berry, pineapple, banana, coconut, water melon etc are great attraction to the people of home and aboard. Our six season appear to is with six different look. Each of them has an identical character. Spring is the best of them and termed as king of season. Hot and dryness of summer is sub-situated by its sweet and fleshy fruits. Coldness of winter is balanced by the date juice and different vegetables like Cauliflower, cabbage, tomato, carrot, radish, brinjal, bean etc.
In autumn the fields look like a vast sheet of gold due to the ripe paddy of golden color. The rainy season appears with a different attraction. Sometimes it’s rains for days together. The fields, canals, tanks and rivers are full of water. The nature looks like a vast sheet of silver. Moving around by country boats is of great interest in this season. Our water reservoirs are full varieties of tasty fishes.
We are fortunate that we have several world heritage sites. Sundarbans, the only mangrove forest of the world is one of them. We have the longest sea beach of 155 Kms at Cox’s Bazar. Our national economy is mostly depending upon agriculture. Little development occurred here in industrial sector. Due its poor literacy rate national progress and development is very slow. Acute unemployment caused us to be drowned in corruption, violence and social crime. Even then people of different religion live here with peace and harmony. I feel very proud when the foreign visitors praise our hospitality.

Load Shedding

Load shedding is the act of discontinuing current flow over some selected areas to reduce the pressure over the generators or to compensate lack of sufficient current. We the people of Bangladesh are so much familiar to it from our birth that we don’t need any definition to understand it. But nowadays it is at it’s extreme. Recently it has become a nightmare for the people at every level of society in Bangladesh. Sometimes there are load shedding of more than twenty four hours. We can’t sleep in day time, can’t read at night, and can’t get news at morning for it – we can do almost nothing for it. Children, old persons and the students are the very sufferers of this curse.

It seems that there is no end to it. Industries, markets, farm areas and everything become inspirational for load shedding. Our agriculture system is somewhat broken down for lack of electricity because the farmers can’t get water in dry reason. For this much lack of electricity it seems that the ghosts has taken control over our country. If we can’t stop these ghosts, there will be a very sorry ending to our country and no ending to the approaching sufferings. This is said that such crisis must dealt by the government and the people of the country. But for some years they two are working together, energy bulbs are being used in houses, people are no more wasting current as before, electric heaters are no more being used widely, governments are building new plants, but the crisis is getting bigger and bigger. No government are keeping their oaths – or may be is notable for too much problems.

So, now the problem of electricity has almost become personal and must be dealt by ourselves. In our country a better solution is solar electricity. Nowadays it costs less but not that less like our yearly regular electricity bills. A more efficient solution is bio-gas that can be used not only for electricity but also for cooking. We have many talented engineers in our country and they should look at this sector and make more efficient and affordable machines. We can also produce electricity from air if these engineers come forward. Nuclear electricity plant is long lasting after installment but that is very expensive for our country and maintenance cost is even more – so we better don’t think about that. Now it is the very time to get out of dreams and deal the problem ourselves and we must cooperate with the government to solve this problem now. As the electricity is the heart of civilization, we have to work hard to sustain this civilization, to sustain ourselves.





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